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Inherited through generations.
Essential to creating family memories we value so dearly.
Though they have been watching over us for so long, we tend to forget and leave them behind, just to realize one day the important things in our lives have been disappearing along the way.
Re:Sense is workshop that allows us to refresh these much valued commodities.

For instance grandmother’s old kimono. Its fabric is still in good shape and looking marvelous.
But sadly the size doesn’t fit, so I have reformed it to something nice and light to put over the shoulders. Lightweight, keeps you warm and can be easily folded for traveling without wrinkling too much. (100% silk inside lining)

The writing, called Haraekotoba on the blue coat is for keeping away evil spirits.
A fabric with Haraekotoba on it in Man-yo Gana(early Japanese syllabary)has the protection of the Shinto Gods.

By taking in the Power of Words (called “Kotodama” in the Shintoism) I’ve found a new life. I would like to help others also find their own “Refine”.

(I custom create each order with great care, characters may be chosen by the customer)

About me


I’ve created modern “Sho”(calligraphy)art so people could enjoy the traditional

Japanese Calligraphy through everyday items.
I wanted to create designs that present the already colorful books in a more artistic way, like a beautiful painting.
When it comes to a scroll painting you are limited to where you can display it,
hence the frame and rods. Whereas if you think of items we use on a daily basis, a handbag, a curtain, a T-shirt or a fan, you can enjoy the art anywhere.

Heartwarming, kind and simple…
The beauty of the pale ink…
I hope to share this joy with more and more people.

I was always told by my grandmother that “Every grain of rice is a gift from the farmers” and by my mother that “You can only show gratitude by not being wasteful”.
These words inspired me to start「Re:Sense」, to breathe new life into the old, revive them to fit into today’s modern society.
I firmly believe that we need to treat everything with respect, not just for our children’s future, but for our Earth’s future. Taking a moment to enjoy small things, living life to the fullest, cherishing each day.
These are the motivations behind my creations, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Rinsui Kozumi





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Special Thanks

2011春 東北震災のニュースの届いた夜。あの美しい日本の桜を二度と目にする事の出来ぬ犠牲者。明美氏の耐えられぬ悲さが作曲となった曲。

【 AkeDo Profile 】
ドミニク フィヨン:ジャズ 作曲家 並び ジャズピアノ奏者。
明美 フィヨン:クラシック 作曲家 並び ヴィヨロン奏者。

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